Affordable Caviar Dish and Days 9-11 Recap

One of my best friends gave me this recipe for the misnamed caviar pie, but don’t be deterred by the name, it’s delicious and no graham cracker crust is involved. Take a container of caviar, such as those small jars you can probably still find. (I opted for an $18 container of caviar from Whole Foods.) Chop white or yellow onions very finely. Mix with 16 ounces of mayonnaise (I went with homemade aoili but you can use Hellman’s) and a dash of Worcestershire. Take a perfectly boiled egg and blend in the blender or food processor until minced extremely finely. Then add finally chopped parsley (Italian or curly, it makes me no difference, although I go with the Italian growing in my garden.) Serve on toast points or your favorite whole wheat cracker.

And don’t forget that Song of the Balalaika is available for sale on Amazon and Smashwords. Availability in the Nook store is forthcoming in the next few days, hopefully by the time our launch party ends.

Now for the recap:

Day 9: I’m wearing this Alexander McQueen because Song of the Balalaika is about a woman who is torn between two lovers AND her career as a professor of art history and her desire to be an artist. The dress reminds me of doodles.

Troy My Pool Boy has set up a very popular game of Pin the Tail on the Man Dressed as a Donkey who seems to be enjoying the competition and is actually encouraging the women to be particularly accurate.


Day 10: I’m in leather. Because I can.

Stop at the make-your-own steak tartare table with Troy there to provide technical assistane. Wines are a couple of nice reds: Dolcetto and Beaujolais.

Due to numerous requests from the masses of people here, I again read this excerpt from Song of the Balalaika.


Day 11: After a week of celebration, this dress says it all: Young, fabulous and broke

You don’t have to be wealthy to eat caviar. (See the recipe above.) We killed off the expensive stuff the first day and a half. Have a nice refreshing cucumber martini.

After eleven days, Troy is still going strong, taking naps on the air mattress during the infrequent lulls in frivolity. He was very gracious when Brad and Angelina arrived, or who turned out to be Glen and Viv from down the street. I have cut back substantially on my alcohol consumption.

Recap: Day Three of the Book Launch Party

First, Song of the Balalaika is now available on Smashwords as well as Amazon. If you’re 18 years old or over, read an excerpt here.

By Mai Le [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Mai Le [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

As promised, this is what I’m wearing here. My musing on the drink of the day and love of lemons and limoncello is here, and the promised recipe of another delicious way to serve caviar that is a favorite of friends and family will come tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this pate and toast points. You know you want to.

As for the promised celebrity sightings: I expect to see some special guests in the next three days. In the meantime, enjoy my pool boy Troy who is still treating us with his medley of George Gershwin and Justin Bieber tunes on piano

And don’t forget that July 18-21 is the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop. Check out what I’m giving away and hop to the next writer by clicking here.

Recap of Day 2 of the Book Launch Party

Book Launch Party, Day Two!

Without trying to be too demanding, just a reminder that Song of the Balaika is now available on Amazon! Other platforms coming soon. (Which is why the party is extended.)

Welcome back. I’m dressed in this lovely Kate Spade, greeting you at the door with a tray of hors d’oeuvre and cocktails. Tonight I’ve opened another bottle of Veuve Cliquot, one of my favorite champagnes. And if you’re 18 or over, here’s another particularly hot excerpt from the book. Please open with only an asbestos mouse. In honor of the book’s Peter Kirov and his Russian ancestry, we’re having Russian Osetra caviar served on a little creme fraiche and blini, across a little savory custard served in an egg shell (very dramatic presentation, I must say), and possibly used in other creative ways with no embellishment.

My Love of Lemons and Limoncello

LimoncelloOne of my favorite alcoholic beverages is limoncello,  an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy. It is sweet and lemony and can be used in so many ways to satisfy my love of lemon. No real need for a cocktail recipe; put as much as you want into a glass, top it off with sparkling Prosecco or any sparkling wine, or with some chilled sparkling water, a twist of lemon and some simple syrup (equal parts water and refined sugar heated until dissolved, then chilled).

I love lemon cocktails, and even though I’m not sure that the sweet martinis (appletinis, etc.) truly constitute real martinis in martini drinkers’ eyes, I relish a lemon drop if done well. As everything with lemon, refreshing to drink. Side note: though I sometimes hesitate when ordering a lemon drop martini, I find it far less embarrassing than a former favorite drink, the banana banshee. The last time I ordered one of those, the wait staff laughed at me.

Although limoncello costs a little more, it can be a nice basis for many, many lovely summer lemon drinks. So while you’re here at the launch party, make sure you have one of each version.

Pink Lady

Pink LadyI refer to the Pink Lady classic cocktail as a “heritage” drink, a drink dating back to before prohibition. A combination of gin (1.5 ounces) and egg white and grenadine, one summer I craved them and drank them every night for a week until I never wanted to see another one again. It’s been a year since I brought out the new cocktail shaker, filled it with ice and gin, an egg white, 1 t of grenadine (Rose’s) and 1 t of half and half, shook the shaker and strained into a glass. Those are rose petals for contrast, although they might have worked better floating on the top. Not bad, but I’ll be looking for the newer grenadine (currant and pomegranate) syrup for the next one I make.

I will not be serving Pink Ladies at the “virtual book launch party” I’m planning for July 16. Instead, I’m opting for a limoncello and presecco cocktail as one option, but not a beet-based cocktail in honor of half-Russian / half-French Peter Kirov, the book’s main male character. Unless someone shares an interesting recipe that doesn’t taste like I think it might.