Lamenting Robb Stark

Social media this week is literally a-“Twitter” with consternation over the stark and violent death of the Stark family of Game of Thrones, not the least being the tragic murder of the gorgeous Robb Stark and his lovely wife Talisa (played by a descendent of Charlie Chaplin and Eugene O’Neill, as a completely irrelevant side note). The series contains a plethora of handsome, though generally unwashed, men who are a glory to behold. So while I’m having an extra glass of wine tonight, I’ll toast the loss of Robb and his fascinating mother Catelyn and spouse Talisa, both interesting and complex female characters. And if you’re a fan of the show, you know how women struggle* in what is undoubtedly a horribly patriarchal society.

My guest again this evening: the severed hand of another of the GoT hot men–the recently washed Jamie Lannister. Jamie lost it in an unfortunate run-in with someone’s vengeful sword. I’ve already put it to work on various household chores and have special plans for the little guy later tonight. How else can a girl get through the bloodbath HBO and George RR Martin put her through with the “Red Wedding” Stark slaughter? Something has to erase the memory of all that knife play.

*Some of the struggle is best captured in the Saturday Night Live observation that some scenes appear to have been written by adolescent boys. That might be better tolerated if there were a few more visible masculine naughty bits for our internal female adolescents to enjoy.