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Cover - Song of the Balalaika

Cilla Asher, a professor of art history, is living what she believes to be a perfect life, until the mysterious Peter Kirov appears in her office one evening with a request that she does not refuse.

Peter’s words to her.  “For the time we are together, I will direct what happens.” He lets those words settle into her before asking, “Do you agree?” Cilla says ‘yes,’ and everything changes.

Peter, born to a French mother and a Russian father, is a visiting professor of anthropology, the department headed by Cilla’s lover, Tom. Peter still bears the torment of a lost love—a woman caught up in the sex trade, the focus of his research. When Cilla opens Peter’s book, she finds the words, “For Katrina.”

Does Cilla choose the security of life with Tom? Or does she embrace the dangerous passion she experiences with Peter?

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My prize: Personal erotica (see details below) for one winner and five free copies of the book Song of the Balalaika.


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In recognition of the July 16 release of Song of the Balalaika on Amazon, anyone who follows me on Twitter or likes me on Facebook, and leaves a comment on any blog post (other than this one) will be eligible for a personalized romance short story. My blog is Moonlight and Velvet. Here are the details:

  • Leave your email in the comment or email me directly at the address on the right and refer to your comment.
  • The story will be 1,000 to 1,500 words and will be sent to you as a PDF
  • You provide the details: names, setting (countryside, Paris, etc.), level of sexual explicitness (absent, implied, mildly explicit, very explicit) and types of sexuality portrayed.
  • While I retain the copyright, as I might want to incorporate some of the writing into my own, I will not reproduce it using the same names and will likely make substantial revisions so that the story is still yours.
  •  No brutality. No serious bodily harm should be done to a character and no non-consensual acts. Like the Supreme Court’s definition of pornography, you know it when you see it.

Complimentary e-books will be given to the winner and five others. The contest ends at midnight ET on July 21, 2013.

Questions? Use the comment section for questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.