Keeping Your Latex Safe

Trojan-CondomsHe’s wearing a latex glove for protection, or for fun. You’re using that square of latex, also known as a dental dam, when his mouth is on your lower body-genitals, between the thighs, or “between the cheeks.” A nice bit of water based lubricant works to add that nice slippery felling, but when it’s mouth against latex, there are other choices that won’t damage the material and will add a bit of extra taste to the tongue.

Say yes to honey. Jelly—strawberry, grape, orange marmalade. A dusting of powdered sugar. Some good quality maple syrup. Or perhaps Mrs. Butterworth for a threesome.

But just say no to anything with oil or animal fat—the natural enemies of latex. So don’t top the syrup with butter or use it alone. Avoid the chocolate sauce with or without whipped cream. Or whipped cream alone. Peanut butter should not accompany the jelly, no matter the flavor.

Still want to use the chocolate sauce and whipped cream? Just wash it away thoroughly before reaching for the condom or dental dam. Your rubber will thank you.


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