My Love of Lemons and Limoncello

LimoncelloOne of my favorite alcoholic beverages is limoncello,  an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy. It is sweet and lemony and can be used in so many ways to satisfy my love of lemon. No real need for a cocktail recipe; put as much as you want into a glass, top it off with sparkling Prosecco or any sparkling wine, or with some chilled sparkling water, a twist of lemon and some simple syrup (equal parts water and refined sugar heated until dissolved, then chilled).

I love lemon cocktails, and even though I’m not sure that the sweet martinis (appletinis, etc.) truly constitute real martinis in martini drinkers’ eyes, I relish a lemon drop if done well. As everything with lemon, refreshing to drink. Side note: though I sometimes hesitate when ordering a lemon drop martini, I find it far less embarrassing than a former favorite drink, the banana banshee. The last time I ordered one of those, the wait staff laughed at me.

Although limoncello costs a little more, it can be a nice basis for many, many lovely summer lemon drinks. So while you’re here at the launch party, make sure you have one of each version.

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