Movies: At the Drive In

Drive In Movie Poster

When I was a teenager, we had a drive-in in our relatively large town, a drive-in that showed pornographic movies.  Large trees blocked the screen (mostly) from the well-travelled freeway behind it. Some weekend nights, my boyfriend and I would take his van and go to the movies and, well, do what couples in vans almost always do. He enjoyed the movies more than I did. I enjoyed his enjoying them.

The first movie I remember during the few visits we made was one called “Beach Blanket Bango,” a bad retelling of the 1964 movie, “Beach Blanket Bingo” with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon.  The busty female with big bubble hair performs sex with her beach bunny friends on the Frankie Avalon character. The second film I recall involved “doctors” and “nurses”. That film, with a name that escapes me, shows up in my novel, Song of the Balalaika, when Cilla’s current lover, Tom, brings it home from the video store, telling her, “I hope you don’t mind a healthcare theme.”  I didn’t mind, but the movie didn’t do much for me or for Cilla. A brutally violent movie with an early exit ended our trips there.

The drive-in is long gone, a victim of the VCR, DVD, Internet and, probably, endless complaints, maybe even complaints from other patrons of the choice of movies. The boyfriend is long gone, too, with no regrets.

Have you ever visited a drive-in at all, or one that showed similar movies? Would you go if you could?

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