Funny Who You Meet on the Way in the Door

First day. On way to topless bar. Luckily, two coworkers had been to the bar previously, so there was no reason to be nervous. Right.

The bar sat along a road in what looks like a mostly industrial area, dotted with similar businesses, some inside strip malls, some standing alone. A diner here and there. A standalone bar sat at one corner. We park the car and get out. Our bags are filled with condoms and flyers. One co-worker is Nina, the other is Marie. We approach the entrance.

The doors swing out as we approach it, and a man in shirt sleeves, asphalt gray hair sweeping over his head, and wire-rimmed glasses perched on his nose. He looks up and his and Nina’s eyes meet. A combination of ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ comes out of her mouth, while his lips sputter. He is looking down at the ground he scurries across and Nina and Marie and I make our way into the building.

Nina wears a stunned look. “Oh, my God,” she whispers to both of us. “That was my gynecologist.”