Product Review 2: Lubricant, and “A Tip About the Tip”

Tip-tipOne of the most basic products for safer sensuality is water-based lubricant. It reduces friction by providing moisture, and because it’s water-based, it does not damage latex. That’s latex condoms, latex dental dams, or latex gloves. Some condoms come with their own lube, and unlubed condoms are useful for performing oral sex on a guy.

Another option is silicone-based lubricants which are also useful and can retain their “slipperiness” longer than water-based lubricants but can also be more difficult to wash off the body and other materials or objects. No matter which you choose, definitely choose one. Research has shown that lubricants can enhance pleasure in relationships, whether or not you have to practice safer sex.
One of the most popular safer sex tips I give is just that: pay attention to the tip. Place a small amount of latex-friendly lubricant into the tip of the condom before placing it on the head of the penis. It returns that “natural” feeling to the condom experience, as many men have told me who tried it. And when a partner places the lubricant on the sensitive head of the penis before placing the condom (an alternative) or the condom on the penis with the lube inside, it’s a nice experience for both partners.

Safer Passion

You know what’s coming because all the signs are there. You’re felling close. You touch, kiss. He whispers words in your ear and you feel his breath against your neck. His hands travel across your skin. You work his shirt away from his body while his fingers pull down the zipper on your dress. And then…

And then what? Have you had the condom talk yet? Is there a condom around? Should you put it on him or watch him put it on himself? Maybe he’s already wearing it (little chance of that).

The heat of the moment. The chance of throwing caution and good sense to the wind and foregoing the condom. Or doing it without the condom or exchanging “fluids.” (Certainly a very sexy option but requiring a lot of good communication and even some interesting accoutrement. ) The latter means worrying and testing or denial. Now that’s no fun.

While safer sex, or as I like to call it, “safer passion,” does require planning, so does a rich and diverse sex life. And spontaneity can be part of the planning. Safer sex can be a drudge or just one more area to explore when being intimate. And for a woman, it can provide an opportunity to truly explore her sexuality.

That’s one of the themes I explore in my blog, and I’d love to learn your ideas about what works and what might work better. Leave your thoughts below, and join the safer sex conversation. Or there will be other opportunities, if you care.